The toy swap at the Palm House will be a small, informal community swap event. It will be organised by Weymouth Climate Hub on Tuesday 3rd, Saturday 7th and Monday 9th October.

Please invite other swappers. 
The more people who take part the wider the choice of toys will be. Help yourself to some leaflets and ask other parents if they’re interested. Take a poster to display somewhere. Check out and share our Facebook events on the Palm House and Weymouth Climate Hub pages.

Tell your kids!
Talk to your child about the swap and ask them to help you pick out toys that are ready to pass along. Children are often happy to participate once they learn that they are going to exchange one toy for another. 

What to swap? A guide to avoid unhappy kids and parents!
All toys should be in a good enough condition that others kids will actually want them. 
Check toys are working and complete – if something is incomplete state it clearly on a label and attach to item.
All toys should be clean before coming to be swapped. 
This is a swap so as a rough guide consider bringing 1-10 items. Surplus toys will be donated to the play room in the Palm House or given to a local charity.
Remember to re-use your bag to take home your new swaps

Who does what?
Volunteer helpers will accept and display items and then announce the start of trading. 
Some parents may choose to do the swapping without help from their children. 
Please do supervise any swapping that your kids are involved with.
Trades will be negotiated with volunteer helpers – for example larger items may be traded for several small things.
You may trade without donating a toy by making a small charitable donation. 

Why take part in a toy swap?

Your children get something new and exciting to play with, and it doesn’t cost you any money!

When we resist the pressure of consumerism, we’re helping reduce pollution because there is less extraction of materials (the majority of plastic is made from oil), less production and less distribution of toys to be done. 
By reusing things we also cut down on the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

Buying less does not mean depriving kids of playthings. Toy Swaps, toy Libraries and Charity Shops provide a valuable alternative to buying new at the shops.

The Toy Swap is part of a trend towards a sharing economy, a step in the direction of sustainability, and modeling a different way of doing things – thank you for taking part.