What are we?

The Climate Hub is a home for environmental projects and information in the centre of town. A network of similar hubs is being established by local people across the country with several already up and running and more on the way. Some call them “Climate Emergency Centres” (climateemergencycentre.co.uk) and the Scottish Government has formalised them as “Climate Action Hubs” (www.gov.scot/policies/climate-change/climate-challenge-fund).

The idea is to adopt an empty property in the town centre and use it as a community space where local people can share ideas and resources, and collaborate on projects that help us combat the climate and nature crises.

What do we do?

  • We provide online and printed information about different aspects of climate change and the ongoing loss of the natural world
  • We organise and facilitate community assemblies, talks, workshops, film nights, music events, arts and crafts and other public activities
  • We provide a place for local environmental organisations to meet, share human and physical resources, collaborate on projects and mutually support each other
  • We help initiate projects to lower local carbon emissions and promote biodiversity
  • We demonstrate and showcase different technologies and methods for lowering carbon emissions and encouraging wildlife, showing how solutions to many of the problems already exist


Some of the most effective measures to combat climate change and biodiversity loss must be done at national and international level. But there is still an awful lot we can do as individuals, businesses and communities, in conjunction with our local councils. From cycling more often to setting up car sharing schemes, from insulating our homes to establishing a local renewable energy grid, from reducing food waste to creating community growing projects, local changes are an essential part of the battle.

What can we do for you?

  • We can help you answer any questions you might have about climate change and the loss of nature.
  • We can connect you with local experts in a wide variety of topics.
  • If you have an idea for an environmental project, no matter how big or small, we can help you promote it, connect you with others with a similar interest and help get it set up
  • We can help you keep up to date with the local councils’ environmental plans and projects, and connect you with any central government low carbon schemes
  • We can provide you with tea and coffee and all sorts of interesting events

What can you do for us?

  • Get involved! Come in and find out more about climate change and how it might affect you, your loved ones and the local community.. Help out with any projects we have going on; the more people who contribute, the more successful it will be. And the more success we have, the cleaner, greener and healthier our local area will be!
  • We are a small, local charity entirely reliant on volunteers and donations. If you can spare an hour or two each week please add yourself to our list of volunteers and we will find a role that suits you. If you can afford a donation it would be gratefully received.
  • We are looking for more permanent premises in Weymouth. If you know of anywhere available on a rent-free or rates-only basis please get in touch.