Dorset 2030 Report

Zero Carbon Dorset have produced a magnificent report which explores how we can reduce our county’s carbon emissions to zero. This report forms the basis of our philosophy here at the Hub.

Dorset Green Living Project

The Green Living Project was run by Sustainable Dorset in 2020. It contains lots of great, detailed information on the simple things we can change in our day-to-day lives to become more sustainable.

Weymouth Climate Hub Information Sheets

Wide-ranging information on a variety of subjects. Each information sheet outlines a problem with our modern world which is exacerbating the climate and ecological crises, and suggests solutions that we can undertake as individuals, as communities and as organisations.

Climate Delay

“Climate Delay” is the new “Climate Denial”. This method of justifying inaction on the climate crisis is fed by disinformation spread by fossil fuel companies but plays to our innate psychology. Find out all about it here, including the 12 different ways Climate Delay is manifested and, importantly, why those attitudes are mistaken.